• Real-time as-you-type highlighting of regex matches
  • C# and VB.NET code generation
  • Regular expression syntax highlighting
  • Regular expression code completion

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The .NET Regex Tester

Is Regex Hero completely compatible with the .NET flavor of regular expressions?

Yes. Regex Hero is built entirely with .NET and uses the .NET Regex class directly.

How do I get multiline matching to work?

There are a couple things that might trip you up here. First, the ^ and $ anchors will normally assert the beginning and end of the entire string. You'll have to check the "multiline" option in Regex Hero for ^ and $ to match the beginning an end of every line. Second, there's the "CrLf marks a line ending" setting. If you check this then a carriage return/line feed combination will end every line. Otherwise, only line feeds are used.

Is there a Mac version available?

Not yet. I hope to have a version on the Apple Store in 2023.

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